Bourne Community Building

Q: Who is the Poole Communities Trust?

A: We are a local charity. We run the
Branksome Centre in Recreation Road and
various community development projects in
Turlin Moor. We are working with the Bourne
Community Group and Bourne Big Local on
this project. We want to build and run a new
Community Centre or Hub on the site of the
Youth Centre.

Q: How much will the building cost to construct?

A: We have worked with our architects and quantity surveyors and estimate
that it will cost £2.2 million pounds to build.

Q: How much has been raised so far?

A: To date there has been £1,520,000 raised from various funding bids.

Q: When do you think the Community Centre or Hub will open?

A: This depends on us raising the £2.2million.
We hope to do this by April 2019. Our architects would then have to finalise all the technical drawings required to
construct the building. We would then need to get quotes for building the hub. Prior to demolition of the current youth
centre, the pre-school and youth club would move into a temporary building on the Green on Arne Avenue. Building
would start in the autumn and winter of 2019. Our architects estimate that it will take about a year to build.

Q: What things will I be able to do in the Hub /Community Centre?

A: There should be something for everyone, whatever your age or interests. There will be a new pre-school for up to 50
children with a safe garden. A new play park on the green opposite the youth Centre site. There will be new facilities
for the youth club and a new MUGA. Plus a community café where you can meet friends or join a group such as arts
and crafts. . We will run various events in the activity hall such as keep fit, yoga, table tennis, dance and sports and
exercise. There are also a number of other rooms in the building that other organisations will use to offer advice on
money, education, jobs and training and health.

If you have got any questions or some ideas about activities or services you would like the hub to offer please contact
Debbie Dixon on debbiedixon1@btinternet.com